Asset tracing & recovery

If you are unfortunate enough to have been the victim of fraud, quantifying the loss, identifying the perpetrators and recovering what is rightly yours will be your prime concerns. Unfortunately, advancements in technology has made it significantly easier for criminals to transfer funds around the world, set up complex offshore corporate structures and mask the true ownership of assets.

Our investigators have backgrounds in law enforcement, law, forensic accounting and internal investigations. In conjunction with access to high-tech systems and a robust network of strategic partners within relevant agencies and governmental bodies around the world, we have both the expertise and means necessary to locate missing, hidden, or previously unknown assets.

Crucially, our investigators understand the difference between raw intelligence and evidence fit for use in a Court of Law. Coupled with our in-depth knowledge of the appropriate legislation, court procedures and experience of tracing assets in multiple jurisdictions and tax havens, we are uniquely placed to assist.