We strive for the highest standards and each report is vetted by our team of expert analysts (including forensic and IT specialists, legal, intelligence and former law enforcement case officers). Our reports are delivered in clear and concise English and comprehensive in scope.

The scope and range of each project and all costs estimates are provided and agreed in advance. At every future stage of the case, the client knows and approves further actions and all fee estimates.

We act discreetly and properly and above all we protect client confidentiality at all times. The identity of every client is always protected.

Business Intelligence.

Utilising our diverse experience and global reach, we are committed to ensuring our clients gain the upper hand.

Whether it is: market entry, analysis of a competitor’s strengths and weaknesses, assessing the suitability of a potential strategic partnership, or understanding the nuances of a country’s political landscape, we will ensure you are fully informed to make the best decision possible.

We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by placing a strong emphasis on human intelligence and we always conduct our investigations to the highest legal and ethical standards.


With access to some of the most highly trained former government operatives from multiple countries and cutting edge technology, there is no surveillance task we cannot undertake, irrespective of jurisdiction.

Crucially, all of our operations are carried out in full compliance with current legislation, including: the DPA, Human Rights Act and Woolf guidelines. Additionally, all our operatives are SIA authorised in compliance with 2007 Government legislation.

Upon completion of every task we submit a comprehensive report together will all recorded footage. The latter is normally transposed onto DVD for ease of viewing, but can be supplied in any format required.


If you have reason to believe that you may already be under surveillance, or if you are concerned that an activity you are about to undertake; such as a company merger or acquisition, could expose you to such activity, we are here to help.

By employing physical and electronic counter-surveillance practices, we will be able to ascertain whether you are under surveillance and ensure that the privacy of your business and personal life remains secure. If you are under surveillance, we will be able to identify the other party and advise on the best strategy for counter this.

Brand Protection.

Failing to protect your Intellectual Property and enforce a rigorous brand protection strategy can result in significant losses to your company, damage your competitiveness and ultimately, jeopardise your operational viability.

We can work with you to tailor a brand protection strategy to help minimise the risk of loss before it occurs and we can then monitor key metrics to ensure its continued success.

If you are unfortunate enough to have suffered a loss, or believe you may have, our investigative team can work with you to quantify the loss, identify those responsible and assist you in obtaining evidence to secure any litigation you may wish to pursue.