Why choose us?

We have established a reputation as a trusted intelligence agency by always conducting a preliminary investigation, at no cost to the Client, before accepting any instruction. The results enable us to honestly manage Client expectations of an investigation delivering their desired outcome. Importantly, this also allows us to prepare a properly phased and costed proposal, so that they can understand our methodology and see how their funds will be utilised; reinforcing transparency and accountability.

As a premier intelligence agency we understand the difference between information and intelligence and our reports are always delivered in a concise, factual, and court-ready format.

We operate internationally and have exceptional capabilities in Eastern Europe, most known offshore banking jurisdictions and select Middle Eastern and African countries.

Our services

Our most popular service is our UK-based fixed-fee pre-litigation report. For minimal cost, we are able to undertake an investigation to ascertain whether the other party has assets worth pursuing and whether any enforcement action is likely to succeed.

We also specialise in Human Intelligence (HUMINT) and we have built a highly dedicated and trusted global network of sources that include: local investigators, lawyers, investigative journalists, former law enforcement and military personnel, each specifically selected for their exceptional skill set and integrity.

A trusted intelligence agency with a reputation for delivering results.