Corporate Fraud Or Domestic Dispute Asset Tracing Services

You may have won your case, but it’s now down to you to have the judgment enforced and recover any assets to cover the claim amount. For that you need assistance in tracing assets.

Litigation involving fraud or a substantial claim against another party requires not only quantifying the loss, but also a strategy for the recovery of assets to cover that loss.

Sophisticated perpetrators can transfer funds around the world, hide behind complex offshore corporate structures and still launder assets. For successful recovery, you need experienced professionals who understand how criminals operate and have the technology and know-how to track down what’s owed to you.

Company asset searches and divorce settlements

While fraud is an obvious application for our asset tracing service, it also applies to situations close to home, such as a divorce between high-net-worth individuals. When people have a lot to lose through divorce, it’s natural for them to try to protect themeselves as much as they can. We are specialists in tracking down assets that may be targeted during divorce settlements.

Similarly, when company partners are in dispute, one partner may resort to hidding assets to unfairly bias a valuation. We can help company shareholders and directors investigate suspected missapropriation of valuable assets that are an important consideration in a company buyout or M&A.

Experienced tracing and recovery experts

Having conducted extensive multi-jurisdictional and cross border complex investigations, we are experts at assisting with commercial and high-end litigation.

We understand the difference between intelligence and evidence required for use in a Court of Law and have extensive knowledge of the legal system, enforcement regimes and cultural practices within those jurisdictions most commonly known for hiding assets.

Some typical scenarios we assisted clients with include:

  • Sovereign asset trace
  • Tracing people, their whereabouts and movements
  • Tracing property & verifying ownership
  • Identifying vehicle and vessel ownership
  • Identifying an individual’s source of wealth
  • Identifying corporate affiliations and UBOs
  • Divorce, hidden assets trace and recovery

We operate globally, however; we have exceptional capabilities in the UK, Eastern Europe (specifically Russia and Ukraine), Cyprus and all other off-shore banking jurisdictions.

We specialize in:Multi-jurisdictional Trace & RecoveryCorporate & PrivateRussia & Former CIS

For assistance tracking down information on a company or individual, or to track down and recover assets due to you, contact us: Use the formorcall us today on:+44 (0) 203 873 1089