Matrix Intelligence routinely operates within these jurisdictions and our cross-border investigations are exceptional. Utilising proprietary protocols, we can quickly deploy OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) and local HUMINT (Human Intelligence), via our network of long-standing and highly capable sources and there is little information in these jurisdictions which we are unable to uncover, including:

  • Subject whereabouts and movements.
  • Real estate & commercial property ownership.
  • Vehicle and vessel ownership.
  • Corporate affiliations and Ultimate Beneficial Ownership.
  • Source of wealth.

Having conducted extensive multi-jurisdictional and cross border complex investigations, we are experts at assisting with Asset Tracing and Recovery.

Working with Matrix Intelligence

At Matrix we understand the difference between intelligence and evidence required for use in a Court of Law and have extensive knowledge of the legal system, enforcement regimes and cultural practices within those jurisdictions most commonly associated with hidden assets.

Please contact us directly for more information regarding our cross-border investigations and bespoke services in Cyprus, Russia and the former CIS countries.