We were engaged by a New York based lawyer to assist with a fraud investigation against a Russian Citizen. The fraud was committed in America and it was believed the suspect subsequently moved to the UK.

The nature of the fraud investigation was very niche and our sole task was to obtain a copy of the Subject’s signature, so that our client could verify whether or not it matched the signature on a document in their possession.


We traced the individual to the UK, however; there was no lead which could plausibly take us towards obtaining a copy of their signature. We therefore switched focus and conducted enquiries in Russia. We briefed a trusted source with whom we work and we discussed the methods by which a copy of the Subject’s signature could legitimately be obtained through publicly accessible documentation.

Our source conducted multiple local enquiries in Moscow and was able to secure a copy of the Subject’s signature on official documentation. Comparative analysis verified that the signature was indeed the same and their enabled our client to proceed with a prosecution against them.

Working with Matrix Intelligence

Matrix Intelligence are regularly engaged by legal firms, litigation funders and HNWs to undertake risk analysis, due diligence and pre-litigation profiling to ascertain an individual’s: estimated wealth, background, corporate affiliations and discover any reputational red flags. Experts in this field, with over a decade’s experience, we are perfectly placed to advise and assist with high-end disputes and litigation.