An EAM (External Asset Manager) approached Matrix for pre-transactional due diligence on the basis they had been introduced to an UHNW (Ultra High-Net Worth) individual who wished to set-up a regulated structure as a personal business and have the EAM provide investment services to the respective assets.

There was little information available on the individual himself, however; there was disparaging information on the internet relating to the individual’s family and their business activities. Our client engaged us to investigate the matter further with enhanced due diligence and produce independent reports on the individual, his relationship with his family and their business activities.


As it transpired, the final reports did not identify any adverse material on the individual himself, but it did provide further information on potentially significant issues facing his family and their business. Having identified these potential risks, our client was able to put in place processes and procedures for mitigation purposes prior to deciding to progress with the business case.

The compliance folder which we enabled the EAM to compile was sent to other service providers who were subsequently able to make their own assessment of the client and ultimately, accept the business case.

Working with Matrix Intelligence

If you have cause to believe you may have been the victim of Fraud, then Matrix Intelligence can assist. Prior to informing your legal team, the police and/or regulatory authorities, it is essential to first understand how long, widespread and entrenched the activity is. You are then able to make an informed decision as to how best to proceed.

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