A HNW (High Net Worth) client approached Matrix Intelligence for special investigations after he was targeted by a Chinese woman intent on coercing him to engage in business transactions under threat of blackmail.

What started out at face value as a legitimate business relationship, quickly soured after the blackmailer seduced our client, took compromising pictures and then shared these with his two wives. She then threatened to go public if our client didn’t hand over a substantial sum of money.


Our investigations quickly ascertained that her self-publicised credentials were fictitious and that she had a historical pattern of similar behaviour; positively identifying two of her previous victims in the process.

We also managed to trace a publicity company in Beijing which the woman had engaged to improve her internet image; by removing historical negative articles and embellishing her profile by posting fake news. Matrix Intelligence presented the client with a comprehensive and informative report which irrefutably proved her to be a fraudster, thus enabling his legal team to cancel signed contractual obligations. Our client also approached the local police chief with a copy of our report and he personally contacted the subject to inform her that she would be arrested if she returned to the country. After this the subject was not heard from again.

Working with Matrix Intelligence

Prior to informing your legal team, the police and/or regulatory authorities, it is often beneficial to first understand what exactly you’re dealing with. You can then make an informed decision as to how best to proceed. Immediate financial losses aside, acting quickly is key to minimising any potential reputational damage and/or impact upon your clients or associates.

Matrix Intelligence are specialists in conducting sensitive and discreet investigations.