Sometimes HUMINT is the only viable option for an investigation.

We are regularly engaged by a FTSE100 company to conduct discreet pre-transactional due diligence for them in countries within which it is challenging to obtain reliable information; either due to a lack of comprehensive and accessible databases, or their absence altogether.

On this occasion, our client engaged us to conduct an internal investigation after concerns had been voiced by a third party about the conduct of their local in-country agent in Baghdad, Iraq.


Allegations had been made that the agent had helped to secure contracts on behalf of the client through the use of bribes and furthermore, that they did not conduct their personal affairs in a manner that would be acceptable to the client’s corporate values.

Prior to accepting the assignment, we performed a source mapping estimate to determine whether we would be able to secure sufficient reliable and trustworthy sources to conduct the task. As it transpired, we were able to secure several highly credible sources, including a government minister, who knew the Subject and who would be willing to comment.

The cultural challenges of operating in Iraq are not often apparent, however; one truism, is that you must be wary of personal agendas/vendettas when seeking an individual’s opinion on someone else. As a result, we took care to consider each source’s tribal/familial loyalties and assign a weighting for their reliability. We also ensured that we cross-referenced key information wherever possible.

Our investigation gathered a body of evidence to confirm beyond doubt that the agent had indeed been conducting himself in a manner that did not align with our client’s corporate values. Consequently, the client severed all ties with the agent.

The information we provided was invaluable to our client as it enabled them to remove a serious threat to both their reputation and in-country operations.

Working with Matrix Intelligence

HUMINT is an excellent means of gathering information and it can be used in isolation, or to compliment the findings of OSINT. Whereas many firms can deliver the latter, few have the requisite experience to conduct a sensitive or complex HUMINT investigation.

Matrix Intelligence are specialists in the provision of HUMINT. We have taken years to develop and nurture an expansive and comprehensive network of trusted sources.

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