We are experts in conducting crypto investigations to aid asset recovery and we can assist with:

Whilst cryptocurrency continues to provide a high degree of anonymity, innovations in investigative technology, software, and law enforcement, are catching up. By combining blockchain analysis with traditional investigative techniques, such as OSINT, HUMINT and digital forensics, we can help to trace and recover funds.

How do we conduct Crypto Investigations?

Broadly speaking, the process entails:

  • Tracing the funds.
  • Freezing wallets.
  • Acquiring information on the perpetrators.
  • Compiling a court-ready report to aid prosecution.

Tracing the funds

Blockchain and forensic analysis: Whilst no personal details are recorded in blockchain, every cryptocurrency transaction starts and ends with a unique wallet address and each transaction has a timestamp and date which cannot subsequently be altered. This level of transparency enables a forensic investigator to map the flow of assets from one wallet to another and piece together related transactions, even if mixers and tumblers have been used to obfuscate funds.

Freezing Wallets

This entails working with a lawyer to obtain:

  • Freezing injunction(s) prohibiting individuals from dealing with, disposing of, or diminishing their assets up to the value of the stolen cryptocurrency assets.
  • Disclosure orders against other involved parties to assist in the tracing of the stolen cryptocurrency assets and the identification of other parties involved.

Acquiring information on the perpetrators

At some point, the crypto assets must be withdrawn and to do so, they must flow through an off-ramp, or exchange. Whereas there are dubious exchanges in poorly regulated jurisdictions, the major exchanges, such as those in EU, are regulated and must meet due diligence requirements relating to AML and KYC. They must report any suspicious activities and can be subject to subpoenas like any other financial institution. This aids an asset tracing investigation from a legal point of view, in gathering personal information.

Inevitably, criminals utilise fake IDs and third-parties to help hide their identity, so it is necessary to employ traditional corporate intelligence tools such as OSINT and HUMINT to identify the real UBO.

Compiling a court-ready report to aid prosecution

Having conducted a thorough investigation, we will document and present our findings in a court ready report to aid prosecution.