Surveillance Services for Corporate or Personal Investigations

Sometimes, you need to gain that extra ‘edge’ in an investigation.

If the company or person you are in dispute with or are suspicious of is proving elusive, then covert surveillance may be the answer you need to identify the crucial piece of evidence that’s going to help you win the case.

Sometimes, it’s often enough for the subject to be presented with photographic evidence or other recorded documentary material to bring the case to a successful close.

Only the most professional operatives

We employ some of the most highly trained former government operatives and can deploy former police trained surveillance operatives who are licenced black cab taxi drivers. We operate internationally and all of our operations are conducted in full compliance with current legislation and licensing requirements.

Some typical scenarios we assisted clients with include:

  • HNW matrimonial disputes.
  • Partner or spouse marital cheating.
  • Business partners talking to competitors to agitate for a forced take-over.
  • Employees stealing company or client assets or Intellectual Property.
  • Employees moonlighting on sick leave.
  • Misuse of company assets.
  • Fraudulent insurance claims.

We specialize in:Corporate surveillanceMatromonial disputesUndercover operationsCounter surveillance

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