Matrix will be attending Asset Recovery International in Dublin.

Given the number of fraud cases that we’re currently engaged with, it’s little surprise to see the topic feature so prominently on the agenda for next week’s Asset Recovery International Conference in Dublin; ‘Offshore – a Haven for Dirty Money’, or, ‘at the Forefront of Asset Recovery?’ both contenders for the best seminar title.

The proceeds of fraud all too often disappear into the depths of seemingly impenetrable offshore jurisdictions, however; with the correct help, recovery is absolutely possible.

From February 26-28, we’ll be joining international asset-tracing lawyers, business intelligence experts and related professions, to share our expertise and explore the issues posed by an increasingly complex field of criminal activity.

Staying ahead of the competition at Asset Recovery International

The conference presents a great opportunity to stay abreast of the latest developments in a fast-moving sector. It’s one of the key networking events of the year, facilitating an exchange of information between a wide range of international delegates on all-important themes such as the changes to protocols within differing jurisdictions.

Our experience shows that asset tracing requirements in Russia, the Middle East and certain African nations represents around 70% of our enquires. It’s therefore essential that we track changes to protocols within these jurisdictions, so that we can fine-tune our intelligence gathering methodology and ensure that we only gather and present evidence that is acceptable in court.

Penetrating difficult jurisdictions

We are experts in gathering Human Intelligence (HUMINT) and have an extensive network of well-placed operatives. Experience has shown that in hard-to-penetrate jurisdictions such as former eastern-bloc countries and offshore jurisdictions, such as Cyprus and Bermuda, this is by far the most successful means of investigation.

Fortunately for us and despite where the original crime took place, it’s these countries into which fraudsters channel their gains and it’s also where we find it easiest to track them down.

Ethics, transparency and reliability – the basis for trust in the industry

Individuals and companies that reach out to professionals in our industry have usually been defrauded and typically, their confidence and trust levels are at an all-time low.  Asset tracing in offshore jurisdictions is a highly competitive field, where not only is demonstrable experience essential, but also where ethics, transparency and reliability are non-negotiable.

At Matrix Intelligence, we ensure that the objectives and parameters of any investigation are clearly articulated and agreed from the outset. Having done so, we then conduct a preliminary investigation, at no cost to our client, so that we can prepare a prioritised and accurately costed proposal. Having been instructed, we then ensure that the client is regularly updated as to our progress, so that they can retain overall control of the investigation and manage their budget.

If you’d like to meet up with us at Asset Recovery International in Dublin, please call Dominika on 0203 873 1089 or email at: