Hidden Assets

How Do People Hide Their Assets?

There are various means by which individuals can employ to hide wealth in an attempt to put it…

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Know Your Customer - KYC - Matrix Intelligence

Do You ‘Know Your Customer’?

The term ‘know your customer’ or ‘KYC’ is sometimes mentioned with careless abandon, however;…

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Identity Fraud

Fraud – What Has Changed Since The Arrival Of Coronavirus?

There has been much coverage of ‘Covid-related’ fraudulent scams since the emergence of the…

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Offshore Jurisdictions Investigation

The Opaque World of Offshore Jurisdictions

There is no universally agreed definition for offshore jurisdictions, or tax havens, and…

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UBO Investigation

Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBOs) and Investigation of Complex Structures Worldwide

Criminals employ a range of techniques and mechanisms to obscure their ownership and control…

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Russia Asset Tracing

Cross-border Investigations & Asset Tracing in Russia & Former CIS Countries

Asset Tracing also known as Asset Tracking in any non-European or Offshore jurisdiction is…

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Fraud Investigation

Understanding and Preventing Fraud

An acceptable definition of fraud would be ‘a wrongful or criminal deception intended to…

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Identity Theft Investigation

Identity Theft

Identity Fraud (or Theft) is the use of a stolen identity, or credentials, to pursue criminal…

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Ponzi Scheme Investigations

Ponzi & Pyramid Schemes – what do they mean in modern society?

The word Ponzi Scheme derives from the name Charles Ponzi who was known to deceive his…

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