Matrimonial Surveillance

What is Surveillance?

Surveillance and matrimonial surveillance can be best defined as the close observation or…

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Litigation Support Insight

Litigation Support – The Basics

The dependability of the judiciary, world-class judicial protocols and the unrivalled…

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Enhanced Background Screening

Importance of Enhanced Background Screening

As businesses and corporate bodies become ever more aware of their online reputation and more…

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KYC – Introduction, legislation & compliance

Know Your Client or Know Your Customer is an industry-standard, usually but not restricted to…

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financial investigations

Why Due Diligence is critical to any successful acquisition?

Investors buy business assets fully accepting the maxim of "caveat emptor" or "buyer beware".

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Asset Tracing Phases

Asset Tracing Phases: Identify, Secure & Recover

Asset Tracing or Asset Tracking, is the process whereby investigators, usually working on…

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Complex Investigations

International Divorce Investigations

Hiding assets and not disclosing full details of wealth attracts serious penalties in the UK,…

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Corporate Investigations

Asset Tracing In Dubai

The process of Asset Tracing, whereby investigators conduct specialist financial enquiries to…

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asset recovery international

Matrix Intelligence at Asset Recovery International

Given the number of fraud cases that we’re currently engaged with, it’s little surprise to see…

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