When undertaking any litigation support case, it is essential to firstly ascertain whether the other party has assets worth pursuing and whether any enforcement action is likely to succeed.

With a wealth of experience in this field, we are perfectly placed to advise and assist with high-end disputes and litigation. Our investigation will be tailored to your exact requirement and conducted to support your strategy.

We are regularly engaged by legal firms, litigation funders and HNWs to undertake pre-litigation profiling to capture a Subject’s wealth assessment, background, corporate affiliations and any reputational red flags. With over a decade’s experience, we are perfectly placed to advise and assist with high-end disputes and litigation.

How we work

Our litigation support reports provide clients with the information required to enable them to make informed decisions about whether an opponent is worth suing and whether there are facts, other than the legal merits of a claim, which would potentially influence a decision as to whether to start court proceedings or not.

Our fixed fee litigation support report includes:

  • Passport and ID verification
    We will verify that the machine-readable zone (MRZ) matches the personal details contained within the passport as per the ICAO standardisation.
  • Global identity & address verification
    This search allows us to cross reference personal information ie. current name, address and DOB against a variety of government and proprietary sources.
  • Compliance & financial checks
    Identification, payment history, judgments, information, restricted accounts and bankruptcy searches.
  • Civil litigation, criminal & court searches
    Searches across available court listings and rolls against the subject’s given name.
  • Corporate affiliations & red flags
    Live companies are checked for CCJ’s, negative balance sheets and liquidation markers and dissolved companies are checked for liquidation markers.
  • International fraud / sanctions
    Search for sanctions, enforcements, and warnings from over 300 enforcement agencies, criminal courts, and investigative news sources from around the world.
  • Email verification & fraud check
    Deep web searches on given contact details.
  • Adverse media search
    The check is undertaken using 1 set of forenames (first and middle) and 1 surname.
  • If there are multiple parties to the litigation, checks to see whether some defendants are stronger financially than others.

Reports are delivered in a concise, factual and court-ready format.


Matrix is based in London but has strategic and extensive coverage of every country in Western, Central and Eastern Europe, both in-house and with a regional network of field agents and information providers. In addition, Matrix has excellent coverage of the Unites States, SE Asia and the Far East and Africa. Please contact us with any enquiry you may have regarding litigation support.