Do you need to find someone?

Matrix Intelligence are experts at people tracing. If you need to find an individual, we can provide you with positive identification of their most current address, along with any associated contact details, such as active phone numbers and emails.

We conduct traces within the UK and overseas and even with minimal information, you would be surprised with the results we can achieve. Many traces are relatively straightforward, however; on complex assignments we can utilise commercial deep-web proprietary trace databases, genealogy tracing and human intelligence to compliment open-source material and our success rate is enviable.

Common assignments include finding:

  • A litigant in a case.
  • An absent company director.
  • A fraudster.
  • A witness for a case.
  • Debtors (who don’t want to be found).
  • Someone against which to serve documents.
  • Missing heirs.
  • Next of kin.

We also conduct bulk traces such as investigations to trace multiple beneficiaries, or the holders of dormant bank accounts and we can offer reduced prices for scale.

We are ISO 27001 certified and comply fully with GDPR. We guarantee discretion and assure that all information provided remains confidential. At no point in an investigation will we contact a subject; personally, electronically, or otherwise, without having first obtained the express permission of the client.

People Tracing Jurisdictions

We have offices in London and Edinburgh and have experience of operating in 148 countries. Beyond the normal list of countries, we have exceptional multi-jurisdictional capabilities within Eastern Europe, Russia & Former CIS countries, select countries in the Middle East and Africa, and all offshore banking jurisdictions.

Please contact us if you require or have further queries about people tracing investigations.