We were engaged to conduct pre-transactional due diligence on a Client’s prospective new business partner; a UK based company and key affiliated individuals.

To address our Client’s concerns, we conducted preliminary OSINT research to better understand the profile of the Subjects and their affiliated companies, with particular focus on checking for potential or active litigation (criminal and civil. Our aim in doing so was to identify any Red Flags in the UK, or other jurisdictions, which would better inform our client as to the risk he was facing.  

We were able to inform our client that three of the Company owners were suspected of “misrepresentation” on a criminal basis.  The sum involved was GBP 6m and the case dated back over a year.  In addition, the Serious Fraud Office were allegedly taking an active interest in the three individuals.

Our report enabled our client to walk away from the transaction and mitigate their exposure to potential reputational damage and financial losses at a very early stage.