We were engaged by a FTSE 250 financial institution who wished us to trace the whereabouts of one of their employees. The subject was as a senior Executive Director and who had unexpectedly disappeared and ceased communicating for a number of days.

Aside from his personal well-being, our client was concerned that he was in possession of highly sensitive information pertaining to a significant and ongoing trade.

Utilising traditional investigative means, we quickly located the subject in a Monaco hotel. The client then instructed us to monitor his movements over a 5-day period.

During this period, we were able to ascertain, and evidence, that the subject conducted several meetings with one of our client’s main competitors. Furthermore, we discovered that he was divulging confidential and sensitive information, in clear breach of his contract, in an attempt to secure employment with the rival firm.

Our evidence was presented to the client and their solicitors instigated legal proceedings, which resulted in the company salvaging the ongoing trade and avoiding potential reputational damage.