Terms & Conditions

Matrix Intelligence is a firm providing due diligence, investigation and business intelligence services to clients (corporates and individuals). As part of providing these services, our clients may require us to collect information on individuals in order to fulfill our client’s compliance obligations or legitimate business purposes. When we process information on individuals in the context of an investigation, Matrix Intelligence is the data controller for European data protection law purposes.

In such circumstances, we collect and use personal information in order to provide services to our clients. Where appropriate, we anonymise personal information collected. We carry out regular checks to ensure that we are not collecting and holding more personal information than is necessary.

Other than to our relevant clients, we will not disclose your personal information to other third parties, except (i) to our service providers, but we will take appropriate steps to ensure that they only process your personal information for providing the services to us, comply with our instructions and keep your information secure and confidential; (ii) successors in title; and (ii) law enforcement authorities, but only when we are required or permitted by law to do this.