Fraud Investigation

Fraud Investigation

New York Law Firm

“We engaged Matrix to locate an individual suspected of participating in an international fraud scheme. The engagement required enquiries in Russia and the UK in connection with prosecuting legal claims in the US. Matrix produced results in a format submissible to the court on a very tight deadline. Matrix was a pleasure to work with under difficult circumstances and the work product was invaluable.”


KYC Checks

KYC & Red Flag Reports

Bridging Finance Company

“In the current environment (where fraud is not only increasing in prevalence, but also sophistication), relying on basic KYC procedures, or even insurance, is simply not an option. Our partnership with Matrix ensures that we are fully informed of any risks we face and that we can grow our business with confidence. Although cautious, their process is slick and their reports are always delivered on time and in a concise manner.”

Company Owner

International People Tracing

International People Tracing

German Law Firm

“We have engaged Matrix on more than one occasion to trace the current whereabouts of individuals wanted in connection with a multi-billion Euro fraud. The information we have been able to provide them has invariably been minimal and out of date, however; they have managed to locate the individuals and delivered outstanding results. I have been impressed by their ability to trace individuals across multiple jurisdictions, the ingenuity of their investigative methods and their ability to meet tight deadlines. Overall, a very diligent and professional service.”


Fraud Investigation

People Tracing

Private Client

“I engaged Matrix to trace an individual that had defrauded my family. I had little hope of finding them, as all I was able to provide was a name, last known address in the UK and a belief that they may now be living in the South of France. As it transpired, they very quickly found him living in the East of France. They surpassed my expectations and I was hugely impressed by their professionalism.”


International HUMINT

FTSE 100 Company

“We have engaged Matrix Intelligence on several occasions to complete highly sensitive investigations to provide assurance of supply chain integrity and conformance with ethical operating standards. Each investigation has required high level access and exploitation of HUMINT sources. Matrix conducted itself with utmost discretion and I was impressed by their access, thoroughness and triangulation of HUMINT source material. Ethical compliance is very important to me and Matrix ensured that our reputation and operating license was not jeopardised by unethical activity in the supply chain.”

Managing Director

Complex Due Diligence

Complex due diligence

Global Risk Management Company

“I have engaged Matrix Intelligence on numerous occasions over recent years to conduct detailed due diligence tasks in complicated environments.  On each occasion Matrix has taken a measured and deliberate approach to the feasibility phase of the engagement to ensure that when they commit they have the confidence that the final product will meet my satisfaction.  On each occasion, I have been impressed by the diligence invested and the faithful adherence to the original requirement and timeline.  It has meant that I can make critical business decisions with confidence and in time.”

Managing Director

cross-jurisdictional investigations

Complex investigations

City Law Firm

“Matrix have assisted us with various international projects for our clients. In an industry where there is a tendency to overpromise and underdeliver, Matrix offers a refreshing alternative. The work product delivered by Matrix has been professional, comprehensive, and in line with our client’s expectations. It is clear that before a fee is proposed, proper consideration has been given to the appropriate scope of an investigation, what can realistically be achieved, and where the pitfalls lie. Stuart’s extensive knowledge and contact base is particularly helpful when dealing with cross-jurisdictional investigations, and there appear to be few places left in the world that Matrix cannot cover. We will continue to recommend Matrix’s services to our clients.”


covert surveillance

Surveillance & vetting

FTSE 250 International Outsourcing Company

"We have used Matrix Intelligence as part of our value-added offering to our most valued clients. These services include physical security penetration testing, security threat alert briefings, security audit reviews, vetting, surveillance and counter surveillance. Our clients have been highly impressed with the level of professionalism encountered and the detailed knowledge and advice provided by Matrix. I would highly recommend on every level."

Strategic Retention Managing Director

Business Intelligence

Due diligence & surveillance

Global Entrepreneur

"I have continuously used Matrix’s services on every level of my business, including: due diligence on prospective business opportunities, covert surveillance, TSCM, cyber security and business intelligence. I would consider Matrix as an integral part of the day to day running of my business and would not consider into entering into any transaction or new business venture without first consulting them."

High Net Worth Individual